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What It Takes To Raise A Champion Race Horse

What It Takes To Raise A Champion Race Horse

Ways to transform your equine athlete’s performance!


Nothing is more exciting than seeing your horse win a race. This excitement can only be achieved by intentional training and leaving nothing to chance. Now, the question is, how do you prepare your horse to become a racing champion? The first step is providing your horse with supplements for horse racing. We invite you to explore our high-performance supplements and consider our recommendations below!

Show Jumping Event Horseman on an obstacle course.
Choose A Rich Diet

The feeding habit of your racehorse is of utmost importance, especially in the early stage of its life. You need a good diet to build muscle in preparation for the training ahead. In addition to feeding your horse quality hay, supplementary nutrition keeps your racehorse on track and makes it stand out.

Young rider girl on bay horse walking on snowy field in winter

Ensure Your Horse’s Good Health

A healthy racing horse should be able to run at a speed of up to 40mph. However, injury and ill health can reduce this top speed considerably. General overall health is vital to your horse’s success on the race track.

Woman on galloping horse in the snow

Build Racing Desire

Horses have emotions just like humans, so you want to ensure that your horse is willing to participate in a race. You can expose your horse to other racers to encourage them to beat the competition and perform year after year.

Girl riding horse in English riding attire and saddle on a sunny day

Cultivate Courage Early

Great racers are exposed to training, racing, and competition from an early age. This helps them build confidence and normalizes the excitement of being at the track or course. We recommend you use safe, age-appropriate methods to give your horse the gift of courage.

Horses are born racers, but their performance depends on various factors, especially how they’re raised and fed. If you are breeding horses for racing, partner with Open Nutrition to optimize your racers’ diets, health, and speed over the long term..

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