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How to make a slow horse faster

All horses are not born equal. As much as we all dream of having that champion walk through our barn doors, the reality is , if one comes through once in your lifetime then you are extremely lucky. The majority of horses don’t ever measure up to our dreams. If we can get a horse that wins races and pays their way, that is what keeps most people coming back for more hoping the next is that champion. 

What separates champions from your nice horses is the question that has had enormous amounts of money spent, trying to discover the secret. From gene mapping to identifying specific genes responsible for performance, the answer remains unknown.  

So, if you have a horse that is not performing is it possible to improve their performance? In a lot of cases a horse may be able to improve from a change in training or feeding. 

The one common factor in all horses is the need to absorb and utilise amnio acids in order to activate muscle growth and energy pathways associated with performance.  Amino acid supplementation is not new to horse nutrition. A lot of horse feeds list a long list of amino acids. However, giving a horse specific amino acid that are known to enhance key performance factors is new.

All amino acids are not equal, they perform many functions within the horse, some are crucial to performance.  Horses that are not performing at their best , or horses that have lost performance may be needing to increase the availability of these amino acids.

By supplementing with amino acids that play vital roles in performance regulatory systems it is possible to improve performance and assist a horse to return to their previous best. 

Amino acids are crucial for muscle growth, muscle repair, blood flow, immune function and so many other factors in the horse's physical requirements. By adding the amino acids that are responsible for these body systems you are ensuring your horse has everything it needs to be at their best whatever that level is.

Open Nutrition's range of pure form amino acid supplements have been formulated to assist with improving and regaining performance. The combination of amino acids within the various products have been produced from studying the associated amino acids responsible for the different body systems that are needed for performance. 

 You may not have a champion in your barn, however by supplementing with the correct amino acids you can improve your horse's ability to earn more money or return a horse to their previous ability.  This may keep the dream alive until that champion walks in the barn!