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The importance of L-Glutamine in equine recovery.

The importance of L Glutamine in recovery.

Most people are aware of Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA) and the important role they play in the recovery process for the horse post training and competing. All products that are advertised as Recovery products will always contain BCAA’s in them. 

However, many people are not aware of the fact that L glutamine is the most abundant amino acid in the skeletal muscle of the horse. L Glutamine makes up over 60% while BCAA’s are approximately 32%.

With this knowledge an emphasis should be placed on replenishing the supply of L Glutamine as quickly as possible post strenuous activity. BCAA’s are important in recovery and when combined with L Glutamine you are ensuring your horse receives over 90% of the key amino acids found in their muscle. 

By allowing your horse to receive these vital amino acids within close proximity to completing strenuous activity you lessen the breakdown of muscle protein and reduce the catabolic effect on the muscle tissue. 

In order for the horse to benefit from these amino acids they need to be given in a quantity that is able to have a physiological impact. As a horse weighs in excess of 900 pounds the normal 1000mg that are in the majority of recovery products is not enough to have an impact on recovery. 

The uptake of the amino acids is vital in reducing the effects of glycolysis. Pure from amino acids are easily absorbed by the horse and transported through the blood stream and directed to the large muscle groups quickly.

Amino acids that have been made into a paste contain fillers such as gelatine and other additives. They are also heated which reduces the bioavailability of the amino acids. The quantity of ingredients required to benefit the horse also cannot be made into a paste due to the size of the tube that would be required. 

L glutamine is also extremely important in the function of the horse's immune system along with digestion and gut health. L Glutamine is a vital amino acid that is overlooked. By giving L Glutamine regularly in your post exercise recovery protocol you are making sure your horse gets the most important amino acid it needs to fully recover and be ready for the next training session or competition. 

Open Nutrition’s RecoverX contains the highest amount of L Glutamine in any recovery product available. With 15 000mg per serve no other product comes close to it. RecoverX also contains 40, 000mg of BCAA and 5,000mg of L Glycine which is more than any other recovery product. 

Most importantly RecoverX is pure form amino acids with no fillers and is  a highly palatable apple flavor that the horse enjoys post exercise. RecoverX mixes easily in water to form a thick paste that can be drawn into a 60cc syringe and given easily.

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