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Recovery BCAA

Open Nutrition's RecoverX is the ultimate post-recovery BCAA formula for equine athletes. Whether you are competing in a horse race or training for one, recovery is just as important as performance. It is during the recovery phase that horses repair muscle damage and build strength for the next training session.

RecoverX is the strongest recovery product on the market, containing large amounts of key amino acids that are essential for fast recovery. To ensure optimal results, it is recommended to give your horse RecoverX within 30 minutes of hard training. This will help stop the breakdown of muscle and prevent the release of damaging enzymes.

RecoverX has also been used with great success in endurance racing. By giving it between loops, endurance athletes can delay the onset of muscle fatigue and maintain stamina. When combined with Open Nutrition's Liquid Gold, the combination helps keep the heart rate low and steady, making it a great choice for endurance racing.

The formula of RecoverX includes 40,000mg of BCAA's, 15,000mg of L-Glutamine, and 5,000mg of L-Glycine. These amino acids work together to improve recovery, repair muscle damage, and build strength.

In conclusion, RecoverX is the ultimate recovery product for equine athletes. It contains the key amino acids needed for fast recovery and has been successfully used in endurance racing. Give your horse the best chance to win with Open Nutrition's RecoverX.